This week’s fashion trends: from backward caps to extreme sunglasses

Going up

Hair as underwear See Cardi B and Normani in the video for Wild Side for the multitasking trend.

Gigi Hadid in drag Her new Harper’s Bazaar shoot is very “third least important member of a 90s boy band”.

Backwards cap Matteo Berrettini in the Wimbledon final. Carolyn Bessette‑Kennedy, always and for ever.

Oakley Overthetops The extreme sunglasses are now a cult item – with Ato Boldon at the Olympics in 2000 the reference.

The smell of sunscreen Now bottled, thanks to Comme des Garçons’ new fragrance.

Going down

Classic french manis Only acceptable with coloured tips, please.

Alcopops Hard seltzer is the Insta-worthy drink of the summer. White Claw and Whisp are the brands to know.

Discreet tweakments It’s all about full disclosure. See Faye on Love Island, and Marc Jacobs’ post‑facelift Instagram post.

Endless Basquiat fashion collaborations We all love a bit of Jean-Michel, but it’s getting a bit overkill now.

TikTok beauty hacks From using salt water to wash your face, to sunscreen contouring, be careful out there.